How Much Is A Dumpster Rental? The 3 Variables Explained.

Dumpster rentals are essential for both businesses and individuals.

While many people associate trash with their kitchen wastebasket, heavy objects, and appliances require an alternative option. By renting a dumpster, getting rid of yard waste and debris is easy. 

How Much Is A Dumpster Rental?

Dumpster rentals are used by restaurants, industrial worksites, and property owners. For significant daily trash removal, long-term dumpsters are usually used for their storage capacity. Renting a dumpster for short-term use makes financial sense for businesses or individuals who have accumulated trash over time.  

Consider the Type of Dumpster Rental

Depending on the type of dumpster, costs may vary. Some of the most common rentals are used for debris, concrete, and yard work. 

A rental dumpster for debris is able to hold roofing material, construction projects, and house cleanouts. Unwanted clutter from garage and attic spaces can also be thrown away. Depending on the amount of trash, rental dumpsters can come in sizes varying from 12-40 yards. 

Leaves, logs, and brush can be easily trashed in the same container, but pricing may vary depending on the type of debris. For instance, filling a container with brush and heavy logs may cost extra due to independent recycling methods. 

The cost of a dumpster rental depends on several factors, but the main consideration is size. Four loads of heavy material generally require a ten-yard roll-off dumpster. Heavy loads of remodeling debris and home cleaning may require a 20-yard dumpster.

How Much Is A Dumpster Rental

Location Matters

Travel time can also affect the overall price of a dumpster rental. It is often less expensive to rent a dumpster if the location is in town or within close proximity to the rental business. Remote areas with winding and unpaved roads can be challenging for deliveries.

Certain locations may require a longer rental term. For major construction projects or house cleanups, renting a dumpster for a week is standard. If a dumpster is only needed for a small project, a one-day rental will reduce the price.   

The Average Price of A Dumpster Rental In Your State

When asked, “How much is a dumpster rental?” the answer varies substantially. Dumpster rental rates vary depending on the city and state. This can be due to permit requirements and the weight of average debris. 

In Atlanta, Georgia, the average price range spans from $270 to $700, while it’s much higher in Massachusetts. The typical cost of a rental dumpster in Boston ranges from $385 to $910. Some of the least expensive rentals can be found in Provo, Utah & Durham, North Carolina. 

The nationwide cost tends to fall between $250 and $1000 depending on the dumpster size and debris type. Landfills and processing plants can also create price fluctuation because of the disposal management.

Click here for the complete list of dumpster rental prices by state.

Comparing Costs: Long vs. Short Term

A long-term rate can create an opportunity to save money or an unnecessary expense. For businesses that create a substantial amount of trash on a daily basis, a long-term rental may make more sense. 

Long-term rentals are commonly used in the restaurant business because of a high customer turnover rate combined with the extensive use of paper products. Garbage that is not properly disposed of on a regular basis can lead to health inspections and additional fees. Since there is ongoing trash, paying a higher one-time fee for an occasional dumpster can actually cost more for a busy business. 

Contractor job sites will also use rental dumpsters on a long-term basis. This is because short-term rentals are usually rented by the week instead of the project. Contractor job sites can include daily building debris that cannot be collected all at once.

Long-term rental dumpsters are almost always used in apartment complexes. This cuts down on moving debris and accumulative trash build-up. Using a long-term rental may indicate a monthly payment. Over the course of a year, this monthly payment is less than using a short-term rental, multiple times. 

How Much Is A Dumpster Rental

How To Get The Best Deal on a Dumpster Rental

A general understanding of the location and overall pricing can help. Businesses or individuals living in hard-to-access areas can often expect to pay higher prices. This doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to cut costs.

Unexpected fees can occur if a renter is not familiar with this industry. Before renting a dumpster, researching the jurisdiction can help reduce fines or needless expenses. 

Pay attention to dumping fees. When looking for the best deal, a little research is helpful beforehand. Different towns and rental companies may charge separate fees for dumping the trash. Many of these fees depend on the sites themselves.

The type of trash can create a price difference. Dumping sites are allowed to charge extra for large items such as certain appliances. Mattresses may also cost more to dump in certain states depending on their used-mattress laws.

Understanding Dumpster Rental Permits

Different cities have different rules about trash. Dumpster rental companies that provide basic permits help sort out the legalities behind dumping. For companies that do not provide permits, city websites can explain the rules in a specific zip code. 

Using a rental dumpster in a residential driveway does not usually require a permit. Some communities may require a special permit if the rental dumpster can be seen by residents. If the driveway is not an option, permits may be necessary.

To acquire a permit, a request form can be found online. In general, most permit requests are approved within 48 hours, but it is important to have the permit before starting the rental process. For the maximum amount of use, having a rental permit from the beginning will save time and money.

Inexpensive Rental Dumpsters

Inexpensive rental dumpsters are not a scam. Understanding how the company operates, however, is key to saving money. Before renting, calculate the amount of trash there is to select the correct dumpster size. Companies that offer basic permits can save time and potential legal fees. 

Rental dumpsters are used for sanitary and legal reasons. Leaving construction debris or furniture without proper storage is against the law in many jurisdictions. By choosing the right type of dumpster, both indoor and outdoor spaces are kept clean.

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